Parable of the Talents

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                Most Bible students are very familiar with the parable of the talents. This parable of our Lord is recorded in Matt 25:14-30. It tells of how three servants were delivered goods to care for while their master was away. The men received, according to their ability, various amounts. Two of these servants were industrious with those funds and made a profit. The other servant hid his goods so they could be given again unto the master at his return. The end result: two were blessed, and one was condemned.

                This parable teaches us many things about our responsibility to use our “talents” or abilities here while our master is away. We first want to consider the fact the all members of the body of Christ have abilities to serve the Lord. Many of us do not see ourselves as the “five talent man.” However, the fact remains we have a talent or talents, which we have been given based on our ability. That ability should be used in the service of our Lord.

                How do we see ourselves? Do we see ourselves as that one talent man? Unfortunately, many people do see themselves as having only one talent. The problem with this is many times we use that as an excuse to keep from doing what needs to be done. We feel like it can’t be me that does something because “I can’t.” Friend, I believe that this is the most destructive statement that a Christian can make! Paul certainly did not feel this way. Remember his statement, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Phil. 4:13). More Christians today need this attitude. We can achieve great things with Christ!

Maybe, we see ourselves as the “two talent” man. There are certain things we can do, but then we limit ourselves to just those things. We never step out of our “comfort zone.” We may be very active in the things that we are doing, but when it comes to doing more we say things like, “they can do that better than I can.” It may be true that someone else can do a certain task with more comfort, or even “better.” However, that does not excuse us from using our talent to the very best of our ability. If we wait to use our talent until we are the best, that talent will always be unused. It is okay if someone does something “better” than you. God only expects you to do the best that you can, not the best that someone else can.

It is also possible that we see ourselves as that “five talent” man. Are you involved in many ways with the work of the Lord? Do you do everything that you can to bring glory to God? Do you use every talent and improve that talent each passing day to make you a better servant of God. This is the type of Christian that we all should be: one who simply wants to serve God with all they have and be stronger and more faithful each day.

Friend, let us not hide our talents as the one talent man did. When his lord returned he was called a wicked and slothful servant (Matt 25:26). This servant made excuses, but the result was still the same: destruction. If we hide our talent, we will find ourselves in the same company with the same result. Let us be found using our talents when our Lord returns so we can hear the words, “well done thou good and faithful servant” (Matt 25:21).

Dale Barger